Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kitchen fall anger

Dundee Telegraph: Man loses court case after claiming he slipped on onions at work

With a picture of onions, just in case your entire diet consists of Pot Noodles and you've never seen one before.

The story's no longer on the DT website, so here it is via Scottish Legal News with a nice picture of Lord Turnbull.

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Alfalfamale said...

Although, to be fair, these particular onions have been fashioned into boleadoras.

I couldn't find the article from the link but I can report that, if The Telegraph is any guide, Dundee is a living hell.

Alistair Coleman said...

You're right, they've taken the story off the website. Good thing we saved the picture, then.

beep said...

Say what you want about APILN, it certainly knows it's readership.

Bombay Bad Boy, thanks for asking.