Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Angry People In National Newspapers

The Manchester Guardian: Nasty men bugged my phone, says miserable-looking politician

And from the comments I've just made up: "And she's run to the press expecting sympathy?"

Spotter's Badge: Nick


Sore like an eagle said...

No. Please stop. If you carry on we'll be getting
Dull News in National Newspapers
Dull People in Television
Dull on the Radio
Dull on the Train
Dull on the Plane
Dull on the Lane
in the Avenues and Alleyways
where the strong and the quick alone can survive
Look around the jungle
see the rough and tumble
Listen to a squealer cry
Then a little later
in the morning paper
Read about the way he died.

Nurse. Nurse!!

Ian Hills said...

Despairing of ever picking up nationalist votes, Merkel flashes dad's old SS membership card.

cornemuse said...

Ha ha, Ian Hills! Nice one!

Robin Of Locksley said...

I thought her Dad was STASI

Lou Theran said...

Yeh. The Evangelical Division.