Sunday, April 15, 2012

Offensive railway sign anger

Manchester Evening News: Residents upset that 'offensive' railway station sign tells passengers to go somewhere else

No... a proper offensive sign would say "Welcome to Heald Green, it's a proper shit hole"

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MARK FLOYD said...

Talk about first world problems:( Can't these people in the pic stand 5 yards to the left for twenty minuet's or so? That would be problem solved for me.

Andy Wilkes said...

Orange tie, Brown shirt?

Hope the fashion police torture him for ages..

RobinOfLocksley said...

"Orange tie, Brown shirt?"
Yeah, I know what you mean; I'm guessing he might be a trainspotter who just got dragged in by the snapper to make up numbers.
The comments are an excellent example of British petty tribalism.
Makes you proud......|-(

isolator42 said...

I'd keep it local for any of the 3 young strumpets in that pic.
Can't guarantee they won't be offended again though... :)