Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Giant penis anger

Gympie Times: Fury as monster cock appears on golf course

...and it's not Tiger Woods.

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Steve said...

See, that's the thing with Aussie papers, you wouldn't get pictures of fareway willies in a yank newspaper.

TRT said...

I thought you meant the crouching golfer had a shorts drop out.

Heh. Couching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Skuds said...

I like the bit towards the end where they casually mention that there is a business called the Nice n Easy car and dog wash.

Mental images of people strapping a dog to the roof rack and driving through.

MichelleC said...

I also like the bit at the end - especially the street address as Bruce Highway.

TRT said...

"The bit at the end" has a technical term, meatus.