Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Car clamping anger

Reading Evening Post: Mother finds kids in car does not make it immune from clampers

"Fff fff ffff!" says the kid. "Fff fff FFFFFffff!"

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James said...

When the government finally outlaw clampers, local newspapers are going to be buggered for content. They'll have to find another inexhaustable source of indignant prole fuckwittery, in which hoards of shit-thick simpletons are clamouring to get their fizzogs in the paper over some dismal civil bust-up in which they're clearly in the wrong but don't feel like paying the fine.

Maybe they could find a way to make a story out of the bottomless pit of morons who get turned away from the 'Hand Baskets Only' aisle because they wheeled up with a trolley-full of battered crap.