Thursday, April 29, 2010

Solar panel anger

Wokingham Times: Householders slightly damp with rage at neighbour's solar panels

"The solar panels should be re-sited on the back of the house where [we] would not be overlooked."

...which means they'd be pointing away from the sun, presumably. Yeah, great thinking.


Amanda Huggenkiss said...

It's anti greenist talk like that that is causing the current carbon dioxide Apocalypse. When the Grim Reaper knocks on the door and asks "SOLAR OR MAINS POWER?" We will see who's fsck'n ropeable then.

knit nurse said...

Overlooked by solar panels?! Last time I checked they didn't have eyes. Clearly technology has moved on much faster than I realised. The panels are probably reporting back to the council on what the neighbours put in their bins too.

Al said...

Just looked at the street on google Street View- they're awful indentikit modern estate houses, hardly pretty to start with. I mean, this is the house the offending panels are on:

Cassie said...

Come on! These people just don't like the idea of solar panels, and I don't just get the reason why the are against it.. Perhaps they hate the environment or something, or better yet, they don't like the sun..