Submission guide

We always welcome submissions to this site, and will always credit our spotters (unless you say otherwise), and will always provide a link back to the original story.

We also accept scans of original paper versions if an online version is not available.

Thinking of submitting a pic? Drop us an email with the link to, and we'll do the rest.

Note that we're looking for a particular kind of photograph, that being the posed image of an aggrieved person looking angry, sad or fed-up for a local newspaper. The more ridiculous the pose, the better.

Submissions from local reporters and photographers are always welcome, and we will NEVER divulge your identity.

We do not usually want:

* Victims of serious crime

* Stories from the national press

* Unposed photographs (such as marchers on a demonstration)

We will sometimes break our own rules, usually for TEH LULZ.

We also like particuarly poor examples of police E-Fit images, but not for crimes involving serious or sexual violence

We've invariably got a backlog of several weeks, so don't be put off if your submission isn't used straight away.

Thanks for reading this far!