Monday, January 23, 2017

Chicken farm anger

Gatton Star: Locals upset as poultry farm gets go-ahead

Get a grip man, those other two seem to be able to handle the smell that's not actually happening yet.

Spotter's Badge: Rob W


Unknown said...

"The poultry farm, which was approved by the Lockyer Valley Regional Council last year, is projected to have six mechanically tunnel ventilated sheds, housing 43,808 birds per shed."

Exactly 43,808 birds per shed. Do not even dare to round it off to 43,800 or obfuscate with "~43,800" birds per shed.

Gonzoland said...

"Who would want to move into a chook odoured property where dust particles settle on our roofs and contaminate our drinking water?"

Well, that's foxed me.