Thursday, September 29, 2011

School place anger

Coventry Telegraph: Mum quits job as kids placed in schools five miles apart

I'd be flexible over her working hours. No, really

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TRT said...

Broken link.

I'd find her a good post.

isolator42 said...

Can't see the story, but I'll bet she's a single parent.
What she needs, which I sadly can't help with, is a partner to help out on the school run.

...I think she also needs a damn good seeing to, which I can help her with :)

Alistair Coleman said...

Link fixed, ta

isolator42 said...

oh yes, third paragraph: "Single mum Anna, 31...".
She's doing OK for 31 I reckon. MILF-tastic.

Still, she's got a point - if one child is already at one school, that child's siblings usually get priority at the same school, so it's a bit WTF...